Is Paddy Power the best sports betting site for Irish players?

When it comes to betting online, us Irish are very loyal. We’re willing to bet that if you’re reading this, you probably already have an account with Paddy Power. The Irish heritage, the Dublin HQ, the kooky sense of humor, and ALL THAT GREEN, definitely sucked in millions of Irish players from the beginning. However, is Paddy Power actually the best sports betting site for Irish players? Or are they just relying on us Irish being loyal to the locals? We’re going to look at the pros and cons of the world-famous Irish bookies and see if there are any Paddy Power alternatives for Irish players.

The pros and cons of Paddy Power

There is a reason Paddy Power has become such a global brand for sports betting and online casino games – it IS good! They have a wide selection of games, their welcome bonuses are pretty good, and their marketing is out of this world. There is certainly nothing fundamentally wrong with Paddy Power as a casino, but that doesn’t mean it is the best option out there (unfortunately). Playing on their Irish heritage, pretty much everyone in Ireland, over the age of 18, has an account with Paddy Power. Because of this, they know that they don’t have to work too hard to bring in new customers or keep their old ones happy. Their bonuses and promotions are pretty good, but certainly not the best in the industry. And they don’t always receive the best ratings online for their customer service, ease of use, or odds. So, while Paddy Power are definitely an extremely good sports betting site for Irish players, they are certainly not the best.

Paddy Power alternatives for sports betting

That being said, there are plenty of sports betting sites out there for Irish customers. You just need to know where to look! Many of your brick and mortar bookmakers will have an online presence nowadays, including places like William Hill and Ladbrokes (both of which have received slightly better online reviews than Paddy Power). You may also want to look at online sports betting sites that are solely online, such as Mr. Green. This online casino and bookies carries on the green theme that many of us love from Paddy Power, but they just seem to do everything that little bit better. Their customer service is better, their bonuses and promotions are better, and they have a really excellent rating from pretty much every single one of their customers. NetBet is also another online bookies that has been winning over the hearts of gamblers all across Ireland.

In conclusion, we know that Paddy Power certainly appeals to all of us that fancy a flutter on the horses, football, hurling or whatever else we can bet on, but is it really the best sports betting site for Irish players? Well, it certainly can’t do any harm to branch out and check some of the other options out there – even if you just want to utilise their welcome bonuses and then leave again!